Do You Feel Powerless to
Help your Child Get a
Good Night's Sleep?

Toddlers Nightmares
Are Painful for the Whole Family...

If your toddler suffers from nightmares (also called “night terrors”), you are probably at your wit’s end. A nightmare a week (or especially multiple nightmares each night) keeps you AND your toddler from getting the sleep you need to function normally. Not only does it create sleep problems for your toddler, but it stresses you out, too--day and night.

The hardest part about dealing with toddlers nightmares is that they don’t have the verbal skills to tell you what is bothering them--to tell you what the “monster” looked like, or if there even WAS a monster in their dreams.

All you know, is that you have a terrified, screaming, unconsolable child who you are doing your best to calm down in the middle of the night, which is not exactly when you are at your most patient or relaxed either….

It can be draining, overwhelming, and make you dread putting your child to bed at night.

Imagine If You Could Help Your Child's Fears Go Away in a Matter of Minutes... Imagine The Peace of Mind of Knowing You (and Your Child) Will Get a Good Night's Sleep

... Easily!

Knowing That Toddlers Nightmares
Have a Reason Gets You Halfway to A Solution...

Do you remember how, before your toddler was born, he or she would kick in response to certain people, sounds, or events?

The younger children are, the more sensitive they are to the attitudes, energy, and emotions that surround them. So while you may not even be aware of what it is that your toddler is picking up on, there’s a good probability that your toddlers nightmares could be a response to something in their environment that is bothering them.

The problem is, as parents today, it’s difficult to isolate our children (even toddlers) from almost anything. If your toddler has spent any time in front of a TV or computer lately, chances are he or she has images in their mind that you don’t know anything about--images that might be causing their nightmares or night terrors.

Whether your toddlers nightmares are related to the stress happening in your own life, or the images they’ve seen or heard through the media, there is help.

The Nightmares-B-Gone
1-2-3 Process
Will Stop Your Toddlers Nightamres

You Need Access to the Right Tools to Handle Your Toddlers Nightmares….

You see, parenting isn’t about protecting and isolating our children from everything in the world that could possibly hurt or upset them. It’s about equipping them with the skills, tools and confidence to successfully navigate through their environment, obstacles and all.

All of us, toddlers, children and adults alike need to find strategies and techniques for managing the level of stress in our lives.

The same goes for toddlers nightmares.

You might think your child is too young to learn how to relieve their stress and fears.

In fact, your child has probably already found a few. Coddling a favorite blanket or toy, sucking a thumb, or light humming to themselves are strategies that many toddlers use to soothe themselves.

But, as you’ve obviously realized, your toddler’s self-soothing strategies aren’t enough to keep them from the nightmares and night terrors they (and you!) have been suffering from.

Even as adults, we don’t always have effective strategies for handling our worries and anxieties.

But there is a very simple--and most importantly, very effective--strategy for helping children resolve and gain relief from their fears.

And the best part is, they don’t even have to be able to TALK for it to work!

So what exactly IS this
1-2-3 Process"?

First, let's take a look at what the
Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process is NOT:


It's Not Some Talk-therapy Mumbo Jumbo that Takes a Lot of Time but Changes Nothing.

x It Does Not Involve Any Medications, Drugs, or Supplements
x It's Not Something that Requires any Degree, Certification, or “Expertise” to do. (In fact, once you teach it to your child, s/he can do it anytime, anywhere.)
x It Does Not Require Hours of Study or Practice. You can start Using It with Your Child TONIGHT.

So then, what exactly IS it?

It's an Easy Effective Technique
That You Can Use...


Before bed to help calm your child and let go of any worries that she might have about having another nightmare.

x In the middle of the night when your child is panicked or upset because she had a nightmare.
x Any time of day when your child is feeling anxious or afraid about something (even if it has nothing to do with nightmares).



The Nightmares-B-Gone
1-2-3 Process

Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process


Listen to What This Parent Has to Say about The Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process!


“I was skeptical at first but tried your process with my two-year-old son the last time he seemed to have a bad dream and I was amazed at how quickly he relaxed and fell back asleep. It seems too simple to be true, but it really works!”

John B. Olympia, WA
Father of Jayden, age 6 and Alden, age 18 mos.

This 1-2-3 Process is a must have for all parents whose kids are suffering from nightmares. You now have access to a process that provides you with a way to relieve your child's nightmares and release thier fears.  But it doesn't stop there.  Once you learn this process, you and your child can use it any time you're experiencing fear or anxiety.

Also, because you now know of the 1-2-3 Process, the risk of having another sleepless night trying to soothe your scared child is GREATLY reduced

Once you have learned the Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process, you'll feel empowered and relieved as you watch your child breathe a sigh of relief, yawn, and visibly relax in a matter of minutes.

In fact, this process can bring nights of restful sleep for you and your child for years to come. Just listen to what this mother's experience...


“Starting last September, my eight-year-old daughter would come in to our room in tears nearly every night because she’d had a bad dream. Week after week, it was a drain on all of us and got to the point we’d have to spend over an hour with her to get her to go to sleep at all. Thanks to your process, those days are now a think of the past. I used it with her the first night we downloaded your ebook and she said she didn’t need me to stay with her ‘til she fell asleep--That alone was a major change, but by the end of the first week she hadn’t had a single nightmare. Once in a while she tells us she still wakes up with a bad dream but she uses your process and goes back to sleep--we only hear about it in the morning! What a relief for her AND us! Thank you!”

Karly L. Beulah, MI
Mother of Jesse, age 8


Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process Features

Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 Process

Here's what you'll receive with your download:

You will receive an e-book that tells you in clear, direct terms how to follow the 1-2-3 process and help your child let go of their fears...

Simple, Step-by-Step Instructions to perform the Nightmares-B-Gone 1-2-3 process with your child
Easy-to-Understand Diagrams
Highlighted Sections to Help You Zero-In On the Essentials.
Optional reading for a more in-depth understanding of what happens during the process and why it makes such a difference.
Unlimited Updates - Whenever we Publish a New or Revised Edition of the e-book, We'll Send You a Link to a Free Download




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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 day money-back guarantee

If you spend 10-15 minutes per night doing this process each night for 10 days and you don’t notice that your child’s nightmares have gotten considerably better, just send an e-mail to [email protected] with “refund” in the subject line and we’ll gladly REFUND YOUR MONEY. (Well, not too gladly, because we’d be sad that your child would still be having nightmares, but we'd still give you your money back.)

And, you can KEEP THE E-BOOK! That's how confident we are that this process can help your child. Try it today, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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